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Let's Kick Cancer!

With immense enthusiasm, the Mediatrix Development Foundation wholeheartedly rallied behind the powerful campaign centered around cancer awareness. Recognizing the pressing need for heightened consciousness and action, the foundation urged every individual, both collectively and individually, to devote themselves earnestly to amplifying efforts aimed at expanding access to high-quality healthcare. This comprehensive approach encompassed crucial facets, ranging from proactive screening and early detection to effective treatment and compassionate palliative care.

As a testament to their unwavering dedication, the foundation orchestrated a spirited walk that reverberated through the vibrant streets of Calabar. This captivating event assumed even greater significance with the esteemed presence of esteemed figures, including the Director General of Primary Health Care and the Commissioner for Health, who faithfully represented the eminent Her Excellency, Dr. Mrs. Linda Ayade. Their active involvement not only emphasized the gravity of the cause but also served as a wellspring of inspiration for all participants, spurring them onward in their mission.

The collective steps taken during the walk transcended mere physical movement. It fostered a profound sense of unity, reinforcing the shared commitment to combatting cancer and championing healthcare improvements within the community. Each stride became a symbolic gesture of solidarity, an embodiment of the collective resolve to prioritize the well-being of every individual affected by this formidable disease.

This dynamic event, propelled by the presence of influential leaders and dedicated participants, kindled a renewed determination to effect lasting change. It sparked conversations, raised awareness, and galvanized the community to unite in the fight against cancer. The walk became a beacon of hope, igniting a torch that illuminated the path towards improved healthcare services, fortified support systems, and enhanced resources for cancer patients and their loved ones.

As the echoes of footsteps reverberated through the streets, a powerful message resonated: that no one should face the challenges of cancer alone. The Mediatrix Development Foundation, along with the Director General of Primary Health Care, the Commissioner for Health, and the indomitable spirit of Her Excellency, Dr. Mrs. Linda Ayade, spearheaded a transformative movement—one that aspired to eradicate the stigma, enhance awareness, and empower individuals to seek early intervention, compassionate care, and unwavering support.

In unity, the participants moved forward, their hearts ablaze with determination, their actions echoing a resounding call for change. The Mediatrix Development Foundation's unwavering commitment, the presence of influential figures, and the collective spirit of all who partook in the walk formed an unshakable foundation, propelling the community towards a future where cancer is met with resilience, compassion, and unwavering support


Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria

  • Starting Time: 07:02AM to 01:02PM
  • Date: 04 February, 2023
  • Phone: +2348033767992